SS Performing Arts Open Day



Eeeeeeeek, so excited for our new open day!  That’s right, on Saturday 8th April 2017 Samantha Sanders School of Performing Arts is opening its doors and offering dance trials to children for FREE!!


That’s right FREE!!


As I’m feeling in a really generous mood, I am also throwing in a load of amazing free gifts and offering numerous discounts to children that register with the school on the day.  So why now?  Well recently I confess I have been a little lazy and my last significant open day was back in 2011. (GASP)   What have I been doing you might say?

Well here is a quick low down of the last few years since our grand opening in Sept 2011 when Samantha Sanders School of Performing arts was first established;


Nov 2012         Samantha Sanders School of Performing Arts puts on their first ever show ‘Step In Time’

March 2014     Samantha Sanders School of Performing Arts gains 100% Success rate in its first session of IDTA Exams

June 2014       Brought along the biggest life changing moment for me to date, with the birth of my daughter Philippa

Nov 2015         Our show ‘Pure Imagination’ was an amazing success.  Large numbers of tickets were sold and the school raised £320 for CANCER RESEARCH.

April  2016      We introduce our baby son Jasper to the world

Sep 2016         We take our second session of IDTA Exams and receive yet another 100% pass rate


So as you can see we have been pretty busy after all. In fact Philippa and Jasper have me on my toes most of the time, so yes my ballet technique has somewhat improved lol.


What does 2017 bring?  This is the year that I focus on expansion.


Jan 2017 We introduce Miss Sophie to the school, as well as 4 new classes.  Miss Sophie will be taking all Juvenile classes, the new Modern Junior class and Inter Contemporary.

Our plans are to extend the school and eventually move half of the classes over to the Lea Side complex.  As if this was not enough work for 2017, we are also throwing in another set of IDTA Exams and working on choreography for a new show for which dates are not yet confirmed.


Watch this space, this year is going to be a busy one!!!






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