SS Performing Arts Excel in Winter exams 2017

Congratulations to our talented pupils, who have once again been celebrating outstanding results in their recent Winter IDTA dance exams. The school maintained its 100% exam success rate with a record number of pupils gaining honours and distinction. The exams taken just before Christmas, were a combination of Medal tests in Tap and Theatre Craft as well as Rosettes and graded ballet exams. Philippa O’Connor was the youngest pupil to achieve an exam pass at only 3 years of age, and celebrates amongst older students like Tyra Maddix and Sukwese Williams, who both topped their classes across all exams.

Miss Sophie and I are thrilled with the exam results and believe they have helped to improve our students self confidence. The awards ceremony allowed the perfect opportunity for the students to showcase their work to their friends and family and was followed by a well deserved Xmas party, to celebrate the schools success.

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