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Q    What age range do you teach?

A    Age 2+

Q    Do you offer any discounts when booking multiple sessions?

A    Yes we offer combo classes that are discounted and also offer a 10% siblings discount

Q    Are you open all year round?

A    We shut for all school holidays and follow the academic timetable

Q   Can I stay and watch my son/daughter?

A    No, as it can be extremely disruptive to class. However parents are often invited to demonstrations/ presentations to watch their child’s progression.

Q    What do I need to buy/wear for my first class?

A    We have a compulsory uniform, so please wait before your child is enrolled before purchasing any uniform or shoes.  Please ensure your child is dressed in something that provides ease of movement like a T-shirt, skirt/shorts and soft pumps or alternatively dance bare foot.

Q   How are payments made?

A   Payments are made on a termly basis and should be paid in advance at the beginning of the new term, within 14 days of the issued invoice. We accept, cash, cheque or bank transfer.  Please make sure all payments are referenced adequately and that cash is placed in an envelope with the child’s name on it.